Cookie Collective

Mini Cookie Party

on February 1, 2020


To start the New Year off right, the Cookie Collective invites you to a day of workshops and an evening of concerts and live coding performances.


Free admission.
Sale of goodies at free price.

📅 Timetable


2:30 PM ► Introduction to Shader Coding
5:00 PM ► Notch for Beginners


8:30 PM ► Vandale integral + Léon Denise
9:30 PM ► Valden + Flopine
10:30 PM ► Vova + Théotime

🎨 Workshops

Workshop: Introduction to Shader Coding, with Flopine et Hélène Legrand

With the help of Kodelife software, come learn what a shader is and how to code your visual effects in GLSL, a programming language for the graphics card.

The workshop will start with 2D effects and gradually move towards 3D and raymarching. You will also see how to control your effect with a human-machine interface such as a gamepad or a Midi console.

Workshop: Notch for Beginners, with Adrien Ravelli

Notch is a motion graphics creation tool designed for live performance and originally developed by a band from demoscene. This workshop offers a discovery of this software from scratch and will guide you step by step in the design of real-time visuals.

🎤 Concerts

Vandale integral + Léon Denise

Vandale Integral

Audio live-coding with Tidal Cycles.

Léon Denise

Visual live coding

Valden + Flopine


Valden composes and mixes cheerful and energetic chiptune live. Come dance to its electronic sounds taken from old video game consoles!


Visual live coding

Vova + Théotime


Far from considering himself a committed rapper, Vova presents himself simply as a polymorphic hip-hop artist with rabid prose. In his lyrical sight: capital, injustice, abuse of power, individualism... His music reflects a state of mind that is always alert and far from consensus.