Cookie Collective

Fanzine #1

Shader Collection
on February 28, 2019
Cover of Cookie Collective fanzine #1

Shaders are like peotry.
It is a codifier text that only makes sense when one knows the rules that govern it. As an alexandrine or a haiku, a shader is a composition of words arranged by technical and artistic constraints.

Shaders are like cooking.
The text is a recipe with instructions that blend variables and other ingredients. The shader is then baked in oven to satisfy the appetite of the graphic card.

This book presents visuals generated by shaders accompanied by an extract of their code. The two next double pages contain functions that are common bases for the following shaders, where the code focuses on the crunchy part.

The full text can be accessed through the link on at the bottom of the page. Watch out for uppercase and lowercase, it's important!

The Cookie Collective exists thanks to the demoscene community. This fanzine presents works from members of the collective.